So if you remember, we found a boat load of furniture that was “garbage” { post here }.  Well a few of the pieces are in the middle of some pretty amazing transformations, here is the first reveal.
Before:  Bad varnish, deep scratches, but otherwise in great condition.

Inspiration: A Stunning green beauty from The Viceroy a la Kelly Wearstler.

Green dresser at the Viceroy.  Love that color!


This green was exactly what our living room needed.  Plus, our small home just gained FIVE new drawers of storage!!!!  Huge people.  Huge!
Someone had asked me how to spray paint furniture… not really something I recommend (especially on a piece this large), but I tried it on this piece to create a tutorial.  Ummm…. not even worth it.  After priming with a brush & then spraying, the chest was beyond blotchy.  I spent more time sanding it down with steel wool than I would have just painting it by hand.  Once that madness was over i dry brushed it with a lighter green & then came back with a pewter glaze to add some depth (like the inspiration).  I finished it up by adding some Finishing Wax.
I left the hardware as they were & added on my DIY Tassels.
For a grand total of $13.47…
Would you all pick up a random piece of furniture on the side of the road?  Or am I just crazy?!?

L I N K I N G   U P   T O: