When we first moved into the house, we needed some extra counter space for our tiny kitchen… We had an awkward little corner that we modified an Ikea Forhoja to fit in.  Can we say Basic McBasic?!  
FΓ–RHΓ–JA Kitchen cart IKEA Gives you extra storage, utility and work space.
{ Ikea }
We cut down the butcher block top so that it would fit perfectly in the nook.  It has sat there, functioning ever since.  Now that we are slowly but surely working on this kitchen & you all helped me determine a color to add I decided this would be a fun piece to update.
I went to Home Depot and had them color match Benjamin Moore’s Wasabi into a sample for me.  I then used this recipe to try my first attempt at DIY Chalk Paint.  I thought it was going to be some miracle paint but I wasn’t blown away by the whole process… so let’s not make this post about that.  It’s yellow.
Once the piece was painted I knew I wanted to deal with those drawers.  Not really a fan of the ever classy open finger pull & really not a fan of the fact that the drawers don’t stop when they close.  There is no back so they just push all the way through.  I needed a thin piece of wood that I could apply as a drawer front on top of the existing face… out to the shed I went.
Thin wood, already the perfect size… HELLO WINE CRATES!!!  My hubs is in the restaurant industry so we have tons of these just lying around.
I remembered seeing this image on Pinterest… (no link!) & thought that it would be fun to introduce into our house.
All we did was cut them down to the right width (they were already the right height! Exactly 1/2″ taller than the original.) & add a coat of stain.  I then applied them to the existing drawer front using Liquid Nails.  Once they were dry they got some shiny new hardware…
Thank you Martha Stewart for bringing decent hardware designs to Home Depot.  Aren’t these lovely?!  Only $3.98 too!

This was a really easy project that could work on any existing flat drawer that needs a little something.  You can check with your local Liquor Stores for wine crates they might be tossing out…  Or just come by & raid our shed πŸ™‚

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