After creating our headboard last year, I have been shuffling around pillows never really loving the outcome.  Well, after {cough cough} eight months, I finally decided to make my own.  
I could never find the right fabric, in the right color, at the right time… Sound familiar?!?  So when I pinned this lovely pillow a few days ago I got inspired.
Greek Key Fretwork Ivory Linen with Jute 20 Pillow by thfabricate, $80.00
{ Image via THFabricate, Linen & Jute Pillow Cover $80 }

I had scored some natural ribbon a while ago on clearance, thinking I would sit on it until Christmas.  Wouldn’t you know it was the perfect shade of gray.  Now I just needed fabric for the pillow covers.  While looking around Homegoods, I thought about a post Beth { one of the nicest fellow bloggers out there } recently did on Home Stories A to Z.  She showed how you can make pillow covers made from fabric napkins.  I too have napkin pillows in our living room, but needed something larger than a napkin.  Voila!  A table cloth!! Plus it was only $9.99 for roughly 2 yds of fabric.  I instantly came home a sewed two basic pillow covers.
Because my ribbon was fairly thick, I cut it in half (doubling my yield) & decided to use the decorative frayed edge to my advantage.  I tried the overlapping fretwork pattern, but felt a simple border suited the room better.  I simply attached the ribbon using some StitchWich, mitering the corners added a more professional look.  I added a few stitches in the corners to be sure they were secure.
I have another confession, we haven’t had a bed skirt in eight months either!  Craziness.  But again, price, style, decorating A.D.D… I digress, well I was able to find one on the same Homegoods trip.  It’s amazing how quickly a room comes together with just a few finishing touches!
Have you customized your own pillows?  Share your links, I’d love to see them!