Greek Key will always be a classic design motif.  It can go traditional to contemporary depending on scale, color or even material.  
B L A C K   K E Y   D U V E T   C O V E R:  I have a huge design crush on Jill Sorensen not only is an amazing designer with an amazing blog, but she also has an amazing store.  These exclusive duvet covers come in an array of colors all of which are as bold as the designer.
K E Y   M O S A I C:  Classic & Clean especially when paired with Carrara Marble.
G R E E K   K E Y   D R E S S E R: I have been lusting over this dresser for years!  One day…
K E Y   T R I M:  Update simple drapery panels with a Greek Key Trim or Ribbon.  A simple DIY that will transform a room.
R O T H E S A Y   L A N T E R N: By design guru Tobi Fairley, this lantern is bound to become an instant classic.