Here it is!!!  Chloe’s “Princess” Bed.  We tried calling it a Big Girl Bed, but got more excitement after calling it a Princess Bed…  & do you remember I had a GENIUS idea for the top of the canopy?!  would you ever believe that this was her crib skirt?!?  It’s already the perfect size, the room was already based around this color scheme, it’s kind of perfect!  
While this project was not difficult, it was complicated due to the scale.  I ended up with over 25′ of fabric all sewn together… That sheer mass just makes sewing, folding, stapling & hanging a lot to take on.  The good thing is, there is no advanced sewing, just advanced assembling πŸ™‚  You will need some extra hands! 
Due to the size of this project, I will be illustrating some of this tutorial using diagrams.  I think this will allow for an easier visual to comprehend… I think… Sometimes I think writing these tutorials is harder than making the actual project!  There was no way a picture would have helped.  There was just too much fabric!

Fabric Panels:  (For use with a Standard Twin Daybed & a Standard Crib Bed Skirt.)
  • 2 – Panel A  Length from Ceiling to Floor with added hem allowance. (My fabric was only 48″ wide, 54″ would be even better.)
  • 2 – Panel B  Length from Ceiling to Floor, including swag dimension, with added hem allowance. (My fabric was only 48″ wide, 54″ would be even better.)
  • 2 – Panel C  Length from Ceiling to Floor, including swag dimension, with added hem allowance. 
*Panel A & Panel B’s will all be the same fabric “Orange”.  Panel C will be your contrasting fabric “White”.*
Pre-Cut your panels to the correct lengths, taking into account any fabric repeats & pattern matching.  The Panel “A’s” are shorter because there is no need to waste all that extra fabric behind the bed.  It just needs to go to the floor.  Once all the panels are cut, sew them all together using a standard stitch through your sewing machine.  You will want the front of the fabric to always be facing the same direction, even with the “White” panels.
Once they are all sewn together, they should look like this.  Remember… the fronts are all facing the same direction.
Put all of the fabric aside & cut your plywood to the interior dimension of your crib skirt.  We wanted to add a chandelier to the interior of her canopy so we added a small hole for the plug in Light Kit & also used a skill saw & a chisel to notch out a place for the cord to lay once it was flush with the ceiling.  This step is completely optional.
Next you will attach your fabric.  So go grab your giant pile & make sure you are working on a clean surface.  Attach your Panel “A” fabric to your plywood panel using a staple gun.  I suggest starting in the center & wrapping your way around.  Your Panel “B’s” will be hanging off the front for a minute.
When you are stapling, gather little bunches together every few inches.  This will allow for a full look once hung.
Next, take your Panel “B” white fabric & wrap it back around what you have already stapled.  This layer does not need to be gathered as much.  Just make sure you leave yourself enough to wrap the back corner.
I used a pair Ikea’s Marete Curtain Panels for the white Panel “B” fabric, simply because i knew they were a good weight at a good price.  But they were too short to swag & drape over the sides…  Here is my solution for this problem…
I simply made fabric strips from some leftover fabric & used them as tabs.  As you can see, I stapled these over the Panel “A” fabric.  It looks kinda crazy… I know!  But I made sure to check my dimensions & all of this will be covered by the crib skirt.
Once all of these were stapled, I trimmed up the tails, & finally added the crib skirt.  Again, we cut off one of the long panels (you don’t need all that extra fabric hanging in the back.)  I also cut out the center lining, just leaving the inside border to staple on.
Now your canopy is ready to go up!!!  Phew… Here is where you will need extra hands… & there are no pictures, because I was the extra hands.  I would highly recommend a stronger pair of hands than mine! 
We taped out the bed dimensions & then centered the canopy dimensions on top of that.  We then determined where the rafters in the ceiling were. After marking those dimensions, we made pilot holes into the plywood & went to hang it up… I wasn’t strong enough… so the hubs (he’s so smart) ran out side & got some huge 2 x 4’s that we pushed in between the floor & the plywood (yep the entire height of the room) to hold the canopy in place while he drilled.  Who’d of thought?  My hubs… that’s who!  Once all the screws found their way safely into the rafters above, the canopy was up!!! & crazy secure.  
I still have to cover the visual plywood on the interior & dress up the light cord… so be on the lookout for that post shortly!  Once that is done there will be tons of photos!!!  & yes… we moved her diy beaded chandelier… I love it even more now!
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