So as some of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter may remember this door that someone was THROWING away!  
Solid wood.  Panes intact.  Well, I couldn’t let this baby go to the dump.  It has been sitting on our deck for months now.  The original plan was to make it into an amazing dutch door for the little’s bedroom.  I even bought the vintage hardware off of eBay for the conversion… Well, the dimensions are just off enough to make this project too difficult to accomplish… 

So then the hubs was about to throw it away!  Ummm… think, think, think.  { Insert cartoon light bulb here }  I decided to take inspiration from one of my favorite Kate Spade Advertisements.

{ Image via Shopping’s My Cardio }

I have been wanting to incorporate colored window panes somewhere for a while now.  The application just never worked for what we were looking for.  Well this seemed like the perfect project.

I went out & bought some Glass Paint from Michael’s.  I ended up getting DecoArt’s Crystal Gloss Enamel in Yellow, Turquoise, Blue & Green.
I painted it on following the manufacturer’s instructions on the rear side of the door (this door was white on one side & black on the other.)
Let it dry for 48 hours, per the instructions, & then heat set it.  Now here is the catch.  This product requires heat setting… & the door is just a smidge too big for our oven… So after doing some research online, I heat set it using my hairdryer on it’s medium heat setting.  { Apparently there are glass tints out there that do not require heat setting, but I couldn’t find them at our store. }
Now I can’t share the whole reveal yet… That will be coming in the next day or so.  But what I can say is that it is outside & has been for a week & the colors are still as vibrant as when they originally dried.  I am really excited with my first attempt at glass tinting.  Maybe I should have started with a mason jar, but go big or go home right?!?
I can’t wait to share this entire project with you guys!  It is a pretty major part of our little outdoor update so be sure to check back.

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