I’M BACK!!!  So the internet has been out all week & I have been going bananas.  It is not easy to get your blog fix on the iPhone only.  We have stayed busy though.  My mom has come into town for Easter & she has helped me check another goal off the list!  I have learned to sew on my 1941 Singer Sewing Machine!!!  Have I mastered it, no.  But I did make my daughter a dress… with no pattern.  So I consider this a success!  While I don’t plan on signing up for Project Runway anytime soon, I am pretty pleased with what we have accomplished this week.

This will not be a tutorial, as I am still not sure if I could do it again by myself… But it is a step in the right direction.  If I could make a toddler dress, surely I can make a Pillow Cover… right?!?!
Here is the back…  Again, not too bad for a first attempt.
I was astonished with how smooth & quiet this machine was.  But more importantly for the designer in me, I cannot get over how stunning this machine is.  You will not find any machine as gorgeous as this one in stores today.  And for the functions I need, this vintage beauty is my perfect fit!

More posts to come!!!  How did we survive before the internet?