So, hopefully you got to see my tutorials about our new Concrete Planter Table & our Stenciled Outdoor Rug.  The deck is really coming together right?!? 
Well this is what it looked like after some crazy winds  pulled our umbrella through the table on Monday…
Now I usually love anything that sparkles, but not when it is the shattered pieces of our tempered glass dining table.
We definitely have other projects that we were about to start, but apparently Mother Nature had another plan… Time to build a new Outdoor Table!  Woo hoo!!!  Enthusiasm will grow after the initial ugh feeling disappears.
The metal base is still intact & sturdy, so we are thinking of adding a wooden top… I have always loved the idea of our Panton Chairs juxtaposed against a rustic wood top.
{ Image via Desire Design Delight }

Maybe we’ll even throw in a cooler for good measure…  That is the nice thing about customizing your own furniture.

{ Image }

So keep your eye’s out for this unplanned tutorial.  & if you see any great outdoor table ideas, shoot them my way!