Spring has left the building.  It is HOT here in Atlanta!  This means it’s time to get out and spruce up the deck.  Repainting a few items, rearranging some pieces of furniture, building a few {exciting} projects, & of course planting some flowers.  Lots of flowers!  The hubs is trying to bring some life back into our yard… A task that would honestly stop me in my tracks.  I get so frustrated with the outdoors.  I know what I want, but I am at the will of Mother Nature & she is not always on my side.  I am training my green thumb one planter at a time.  Eventually I WILL have a real garden, like one of those in the magazines.  I can dream, can’t I?  Well, until then I will stick with my indoor philosophy.  Go on the hunt for items in & around your house that can be revamped or reused in our outdoor living space.
For our first little revamp I found these rusty old metal pots that the hubs brought home a year or two ago.  They have been sitting, rusting even more in our shed.  I scrubbed them with a Brillo pad which was successful in removing the majority of the rust.  But no matter how much I scrubbed there were some lovely rust rings around the sides.  So I took on the trend of dipped things & created some dipped metal planters.  I simply taped off the bottom (white) & sprayed the top with Rustolem’s Hammered Black Spray Paint.  Now all I need to do is drill a few holes in the bottom & add some flowers.  Quick, easy & FREE planter update!  This is a good start to our little deck project. 
I’m just glad I don’t have to take on the project of re-staining our deck again this year.  That was quite the project!
Be sure to stick around… this month is going to be EXCITING!