I was lucky enough to be one of the Featured Guests over at It’s Overflowing this week to participate in a fun Easter Egg Hunt.  A great series filled with some unique ideas to make your Easter Eggs shine this year!    I went really non traditional & think this idea could be utilized all spring.

Can you believe Easter is right around the corner?!?  Trying to always think outside the box (or in this case egg carton) I decided to stay away from the traditional Easter Eggs & go for something different this year.  My one year old isn’t quite ready for the egg dye & glitter that surround this holiday.  Well maybe she is, but I’m not ready to clean her up!  While this project is still a bit messy, it certainly is a chic & new way to say Happy Easter!  Incorporating my latest obsession of succulents into one of my favorite holidays was a no brainer.  Here is how I created my Eggshell Succulents.
Remove the top third of your eggshell either using an egg cutter (yes they make those… who knew?) or simply use a small sharp knife to poke a hole into the top & use your fingers to chip away the rest.  Rinse out your shells with some sudsy water & let dry.
Fill your eggshells halfway with some loose soil.  I found that keeping them in the original carton & filling them with a wide mouth funnel was the easiest method.
Pull apart a variety of succulents.  The smaller the better, for obvious reasons. 
& gently plant them into your eggshells.  Fill the top with some more soil if needed.  If you find that your eggshells/succulents get dirty, use a small paint brush to help clean up your newly planted work of art.
They can be displayed in numerous ways: 
Standing tall.  Simply melt candle wax onto a plate & place egg on top.  It was surprisingly strong!
Grouped as a center piece…
Placed on Candlesticks…
Or even individually placed on your table setting for Easter brunch.  This way each guest can take home their very own succulent.  To replant simply crack the egg & place in a new pot.
Be sure to head over to the Easter Egg Hunt for some more great ideas!

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