Have you ever dealt with the frustration of those flush mount hangers usually found on the back of mirrors?  The ones that look something like this…

Well here is my solution for a nearly fool proof method of hanging them!
First off, I gave my discontinued Global Views Mirror a little makeover.  It started out basic black.  I covered it in two coats of Sherwin Williams ProClassic Paint.  My FAVORITE paint for furniture, cabinets or trim that you want that semi-gloss to gloss look.  It holds up like an Enamel without being an oil based paint.  Plus a little goes a LONG way!  (It was a color match from a piece of fabric… so I can’t help you with the name.  Sorry.)
After painting it (obviously the paint leaked under the mirror during the process!  Yikes!!  Don’t worry, no one will see it.) & letting it lean in the little’s room for about a month… what?.. we have been busy.  I finally began the process of prepping it to hang.  Here are my tricks.
Be sure that your holes are level.  After that, drill the appropriate anchors into your wall (unless by some miracle you land on studs).  & then hang!  It still takes a little finesse to get your hangers lined up with your screws, but your screws should be in the perfect location once you can find them.  I swear every time we use this method the hubs says “they’re not in the right place!” we take it down, measure (all is right) & we try it again.  Eventually finding the hangers were in the right location.  These suckers are hard to deal with. 
* TIP:  Measure your hangers first.  If they are off centered on your mirror, simply make your marks (& poke a hole) through the sticky side of your tape.  This way you will be placing your holes (off centered & all) in the correct location on your wall * 
I am so glad we were able to incorporate this mirror into the little’s big girl room transformation (slowly happening!).  I hated the fact that it was collecting dust in our attic & it fills up this space perfectly!
I am also loving the Headband Holder I made using an old West Elm Candlestick & an empty can of Oatmeal.  Gotta love Pinterest.  { Original Oatmeal Headband Holder Tutorial from Lyssa Beth }
Don’t forget to head over to visit Aimee @ It’s Overflowing this week!  She is hosting a series on Easter Egg Designs filled with a bunch of your favorite bloggers… She was kind enough to include me as well πŸ™‚  
So if you are scrambling (pun intended) for some new & creative ideas for your eggs this year join us on the Easter Egg Hunt!
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