When I think about a room design, whether for a client or for myself, I begin with a mood board.  Created for my clients to help show the vibe of the space, but also something you can do at home!  I start with a pile of objects, paint colors, fabric swatches, etc… of the colors & finishes I am looking to achieve in a space.  This is not something that needs to be styled & photographed for yourself, but simply compiling the objects together instantly begins to give you a vibe about what is working together and what isn’t.  It gives you a feel for the space & allows you to utilize this as a jumping off point when adding in colors, wood finishes, etc.

Here are a few examples of rooms that I have pulled together, from start to completion.  This method will show you how the feel of the space is actually achieved in the final space.

For #ProjectFamJam & their One Room Challenge space from last fall, I began with a swatch of the fabric we choose for their sectional… this was the only piece of furniture we had selected for the space.  I pulled in a set of coasters that my clients loved, this instantly began to build our color palette.  I added in some black & white fabric samples to both represent the shades we were planning on as well as the existing paint colors.  Finishing off the board I brought in a raw edge cutting board to represent a stain that would pair nicely with the colors, some blue trade beads to show that various shades of blues would work in the space & a matte black vase to represent yet another finish that would work in the space.  In the end that matte black showed up as the builtins.

Creating this grouping gives you an instant reference for your space.  Just take a quick phone pic, that way you will always have the plan with you.  From there I will go a step further for my clients to show them what they are actually getting.  I do this by creating a floorplan & a visual representation of the space.  For these I use Photoshop & a floorplan program called SweetHome 3D.  I have auto cad as well, but find that SweetHome 3D allows me the basics I need for space planning.  And you can use Polyvore to create space mock ups as well, if you are looking for a free method.

This is what I showed my clients before we moved forward…

and this was the final result!  Pretty close!



I followed the same methods for #ProjectBlueandWhite as well… starting off with a mood board using art, metallic finishes & fabric samples.

Here is the visual mock up.

And again, the final result.

We did change the finish of the chandelier & swapped out the rug after the original was on backorder.

So when you are planning your own space, before you start spiraling down a Pinterest hole (we’ve all been there!) start by walking around your own home first & selecting a few things that you just love the color of, the shape of, the finish of & you might be surprised how quickly the mood of your new space starts to come together.

xo – K