Where did January go???!!!  We have been hit multiple times by the plague flu ever since January 1 & have just not felt up to my usual projects between having fevers myself &/or tending to others.  My other job as mom takes precedence especially during these times.  And I know many of you totally get that!  The past few days have shown promise of Spring with gorgeous blue sunny skies & 70 degree weather.  So between the Lysol & the fresh air blowing through all of our open windows I have officially banned anymore germs to come into our home!!  (& then the allergies will hit! lol)  
While we have completed most of the major projects in our home, there are a few new things happening around here to share in the next few months.  And I have showed a few little peeks of these in my Instagram account.  I will also be chronicling some client projects & the entire process from the before, the design process, the during, the uh ohs & of course the afters this year as well.  Which should be fun!  I am also excited to share you all some new spaces!!
So I am calling February 3rd a reboot for my 2016!  Is anyone else with me & need a reboot already?!  Pop the champagne & party like it’s NYE… again!  Ha
xo – Kristin