I have tried a lot of cleaning supplies for my furniture & decor throughout the years & I wanted to share my three favorite products that help bring thrifted finds to life or keep your treasured pieces beautiful.  My first is a go to for any metal objects.  Especially the er, umm, nastier variety that sometimes make it home after a trip to the local thrift shop.  You know you have picked those up too.  Well after many attempts to find the best, I have always had the best luck with Bar Keepers Friend to resurrect a tarnished piece into a stunner.  Depending on the piece I will either use an old t-shirt or a baby’s tooth brush (the softer the bristles the better!) The toothbrush is great for getting into those cracks or crevices of more detailed items.  After applying & rinsing be sure to buff for a brilliant shine.
Also, if you have a bad stain on brass that the Bar Keepers Friend will just not pull out, you can try applying a layer of ketchup and leaving it to sit for a while.  After allowing to sit, rinse with water & buff dry with a soft cloth.  You would be surprised how powerful this condiment can be at removing spots on your favorite accents.  

Brillianize is my new favorite product.  Over the years I have acquired a number of lucite & acrylic pieces.  This product not only cleans & polishes but leaves an amazing anti static barrier that helps to keep dust from landing on your surface.  I use it on everything.  Literally!  Our windows, ghost chairs, my desk & my glasses that I wear almost everyday.  It also works on glass & lacquered furniture!  Love a multi tasker!!

And my last favorite is for any natural stone & it works wonders.  I have discussed it before, but it bears repeating.  A 50:50 mix of Isopropyl Alcohol & water are all you need to keep those countertops clean & shiny!  Rather than spending your hard earned money on products, this is the most economical & easiest way to keep your marble, granite, quartz or travertine clean & sanitized.  I use it on my tiled backslashes & ceramic bathroom counters too…

What are your go to cleaning wonders?!!!

xo – Kristin