Happy New Year!!  We had a great holiday break & my husband was off for two weeks… which has never happened before, so we took advantage of the time together and stayed mostly unplugged.  It was a well deserved break & a great way to mentally reboot for 2016.  We also tackled a bunch of home projects.  While I wish they were beautiful glamorous projects, sadly they were the “on the list forever because no one really wanted to ever do them” kind of projects.  But it feels nice to have finally checked a few of them off of the list & start the year with a shorter list than last year!!
With a shiny new phone (without a cracked screen which is a pretty big deal for me!), a pretty new marbled planner & my new moonstone Ringly I am ready to be organized this year!!  While I adore technology, there is something to be said about physically writing things down.  I tend to remember dates & appointments better when I do this, so a planner is a must have for me.  Here are a few of my favorites for 2016!
phone // stripe // blush // blue // floral // marbled
And for those of you wondering, the Ringly is a beautiful cocktail ring that links to your phone via bluetooth & alerts you when a call, text, social media alert comes through… I love mine.
Are you a digital or physical planner fan?!!  (Or a little of both like me?!)
xo – Kristin