Decorating for Halloween has never been a huge priority for our home… with a five year old however, this seems to be changing.  She is over the moon excited about each holiday & wants to decorate for each.  I have no idea where her desire to change things constantly comes from?! ha.  Rather than bringing home bags of disposal decorations, why not incorporate a few finds that could easily live in the home throughout the entire year along with a plastic spider or two?

Everyday items can easily be turned into a spooky vignette when grouped in a certain area, or with the addition of a little faux web action.  I love the items from Chairish pictured above for their versatility.  Grouped with other black & white items they take on a spooky feel, but singled out on a console, the mannequin head is just a quirky accessory that becomes beyond chic with a felt fedora placed on top.

Here are two great examples of incorporating everyday items with a few vintage everyday items!

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xo – Kristin