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I’m off to NYC this morning & wanted to share a few of my go to beauty products… While I am not in any way a beauty blogger, I am a woman who is always looking for a great product & finding great beauty products can be tough!  Here are a few essentials that I have fallen for in recent months.  My absolute favorite is the Onomie Bright Concealing Elixir!!  I found this little miracle a few months ago & have been so pleased with how bright & awake my eyes look after applying it.  
My other beauty secret (which is going to sound crazy!!) is Medicated Selsun Blue.  Yes, dandruff shampoo.  After 20+ years of acne, this has virtually wiped out any bump or spot.  I have replaced all of my expensive face washes (& trust me I have tried them all!) for the blue bottle.  So if you have been living with this struggle as well, I highly recommend giving it a try!
What is your favorite product or beauty secret?!
xo – Kristin