It smells like freshly sharpened pencils around our house these days, so I thought I would pull a few school inspired picks for my monthly collection on Chairish.  Chloe is coming home from Kindergarten telling me all about her day & I am immediately taken back to my days in school (back in the old’n days as she recently told me…yeah.) 
She was showing me how they have to walk down the halls with one hand on their hip & their pointer finger over her mouth in the proper Shhh position.  Apparently this is called “Lips & Hips”, which I love.  I remember walking through the halls in a similar position, but instead we had one hand above our head in the Peace Sign.  So as soon as I found this sculpture I fell in love.  
I have also been collecting beautiful vintage books for C since she was a baby.  I love the idea of sending her off with a library of books when she grows up.  They each have a personal story behind the actual enclosed story.  
It’s amazing the variety of items you can find when searching on Chairish.  I suggest that if you are looking for vintage pieces, but aren’t necessarily sure what you are looking for, type in a generic term in the search bar.  By simply typing in “School”,” Chart”, “Letter”, I was taken to a gold mine of items I might not necessarily have thought to look for.  These are the items that can bring a homes style to life & help to tell your own story.
xo – Kristin