I am a Floral Fabric Addict.  And apparently you all are too, because I am constantly asked about my favorite floral fabrics.  I have compiled a grouping of a few of my go to florals above with my all time favorite being Designers Guild’s Orangerie.  These are the floral pillows I literally move around my entire house & they work in every space.  The bright saturation of colors & the beautiful painted quality of this fabric makes it a classic in my book.
I have also recently added the first floral on the list, Claribel, in my daughter’s room as drapery panels. (Pictures coming soon)  The scale of the blooms are really impressive & the large scale of the pattern makes it a great drapery fabric.
If you are on the hunt for fabulous floral pillows, I like to search Etsy & eBay first.  I use the key words of the particular fabric I am looking for or simply “Floral Designer Pillows”.  And a beautiful array instantly appear.
What are your favorite florals?!!  I’d love to check them out as I am always looking for more options!!
xo – Kristin