Hello friends.  Thank you for understanding my little break this past week & being so supportive.  As I mentioned last we are going through some changes, I’ll be able to share more details later on but here is the big house news.  This dining room…

Will now be Chloe’s room.  WHAT?!?!?!!!!!!  
Yes, you read that right.  No we have not completely lost our minds 🙂  This is not some rash decision made to fuel my constant need for change or blogging material, this is a major decision that was made for our family.  In the end, I think this solution will serve us better than a dining room that is used twice a year & usually just a landing pad for stuff. 
While there are multiple challenges in this space including the french doors, the lack of a real closet & the fact that this room is where our washer & dryer are located, this room is literally falling into place as if everything I bring in was custom made for the space.  I’m taking that as a sign that we are making the right call on this.  And yes, the built ins & fireplace will remain! With a few THI tweaks to them of course.  I mean it wouldn’t be one of my projects without a little something else thrown in there.
The other great thing about this makeover is that this will be a true reflection of my “Hunting” abilities. Almost 90% of the items going into this room are items we already had in her room, in our attic or shoved in a closet…. I’ve been busy beginning to pull all of this together this past week and  I am thrilled with how different this space looks already.  Especially from her “old” room.  And I will be the first to tell you that I feel like we just finished her room! 
When I designed her nursery turned toddler room, Chloe obviously had little input… being a baby and all.  This go around is a completely different story.  I sat her down, like I would with any of my clients & asked her what she wanted.  There was no surprise on my end when asked what colors would you like? Her immediate response was “Pink & Sparkles” because lets face it… Sparkles is considered a color to a three year old!  My goal with this space is to not go the expected pink route.  There was also one more request, it had to have toys.  My reply was “I think we can handle that.”
Now comes the scary part… We are now left without a dining room right before Thanksgiving… & we are hosting.  Um… yeah.  Luckily we have an amazing family (who knows the major reasoning behind this change!) and are fully supportive.  So there will be no Thanksgiving tablescapes this year (or next for that matter) but in the reality of it all, I’d rather have a happy & healthy family then a pretty dining room table for one day.  
After I finish her “new” room (which really should be soon!) I will hopefully be able to share what we will be doing with her “old” room.  And y’all… it is something I have never tackled before.
Stay tuned for lots of changes & fun little projects & oh yeah, there will probably need to be some holiday decorating thrown in too the next few weeks! If you need me, I’ll be covered in paint & sparkles!
x o –