We are almost done with the Room Service Atlanta Project!!! Furniture has started to make its way into the room (& out of our dining room YAY!)  Painting is all but done… which has been one of the longest processes ever.  It seemed like every time I turned around there was something else that needed to be painted.  Three coats on all the walls, trim work & doors, the bathroom walls & flooring were painted, as well as all the kitchen cabinets & counters!  (I am painted out!)  The light fixtures are all being installed today & I am hoping for no surprises when it comes to the condition of the ceiling under the gigantic fluorescent light box that was there originally.  Really not wanting to paint the ceiling… I have a few ideas up my sleeves just in case I need to “fix” something.
Besides the paint, the biggest transformation in the space has been the flooring graciously donated by Mohawk Flooring.  To read all about our DIY Laminate Install head on over to Creative Home & my blonde moment… So happy to be blonde again!! 
Sorry the posts haven’t been very creative lately.  I have literally been spending every free minute at the space trying to finish it up.  I was so blessed with all the donations & honestly would not have been able to get this done without them (& my partner in crime HB for helping me as much as she can! THANK YOU!!!)
This space is going to be full of ideas!  The reveal should be up within a week!!!! & then I will be taking a very long nap lol.  Not really… already have new plans & projects happening at the house & such a cool giveaway coming up.  So stick around!