Working on the Room Service Project I am having to pinch pennies at every corner, & while I would love some custom window treatments or woven blinds, that just doesn’t fit the budget.  Luckily I already had some drapery panels leftover from a project, so now my task is replacing the very tired plastic mini blinds.
For the cost savings & the literal blank canvas they provide, I am thinking roller shades.  Now time to decide how I will liven them up… Here are a few easy DIY’s I have come across in my research.

via The Nesting Game
So simple, but this pom pom trim really adds a special touch to these plain white roller shades.  Loving the pink of course.
via What the Vita
The ever popular applied ribbon treatment is always an option…
via Southern Living
I like the idea of applying a vinyl decal, who would have guessed that’s what this was?!?
via Emily A. Clark
Emily applied a layer of fabric on top of her roller shade.  This look could also be accomplished with some paint… this may be a winner.  You know I have an affinity towards anything striped!
& while this is not applicable to the Room Service Room, how genius is this?!?  No room for a playhouse?  Create one that is easily rolled back up after playtime.  LOVE!  (I couldn’t find a real link to this anywhere.  Anyone know?)
These are just a few of the ideas flooding my mind right now… Does anyone else have any links or options they’d like to throw in the pot?