Between Chloe & I being sick, almost two weeks of patio challenge work was lost.  So I am on top of it this weekend & making up for lost time!!!!  The weather is STUNNING!  Mid 70’s & sunny, yeah, I’ll take it.  So to give you a little teaser of what we have going on out there I have put together a few images from Instagram.  They all have the hashtag #HeartOutdoors.  If you search that particular hashtag you will see all the other Home Depot Patio Challenge Participants sneak peeks too!  They are all looking good.  Like for reals good.

Be sure to follow along on Instagram for all of the little sneak peeks.  That is my go to social media these days… what about ya’ll? What is your favorite one?  I am admittedly a horrible tweeter?!  See I don’t even know what the proper term would be…

Happy Friday Everyone!!!
xo, K