In honor of my (gulp) 30th Birthday today, I thought I’d share a little DIY that incorporates two of my favorite things.  Glitter & Champagne… Obviously.
This project is so very easy & can be done on any bottle.  Ideally, I would suggest starting with a room temperature bottle for Optimum Glitter Adhesion or OGA for those of us in the glitter adhesion line of work.  
  • Simply apply a thin coat of Mod Podge (or equal parts School Glue & Water if you don’t have Mod Podge around) 
  • Sprinkle on your favorite shade of glitter… I had green lying around & thought it appropriate for 2013.
  • Once the glitter is dry, simply coat with another layer of Mod Podge to seal it.  

DONE!!  Glittery, Festive & FABULOUS!

These can easily go back in the fridge once dry.  I just wouldn’t recommend this project for an ice bucket application…. I’m thinking that might not be ideal.  But I haven’t tried it.
I really want to do these for New Year’s Eve using the mini bottles of champs.  So cute!  
Well, me & my sparkly bottle will be living it up tonight to celebrate my 30th.  Hope you all had a great week.  Let’s keep the festivities going!!

& yes… you all are too funny!  I have received numerous emails inquiring on whether or not I received a Disco Ball for Christmas.  The answer is no.  But I did get one for my birthday!!! & not just a plain run of the mill disco ball, oh no, this bad boy is 20″ in diameter!  HUGE!  I’m not quite sure where it is going to go yet, but I will absolutely keep you all updated on it’s whereabouts.

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