While out at our local Thrift Store a few weeks ago, I stumbled (quite literally) upon this Ginger Jar Lamp.  It was in excellent condition for obviously being decades old, with an intact, perfectly proportioned, black gloss shade.  That is like winning the lottery in thrift store purchases!  The lamp shade is always tattered & torn.
After seeing the $14.98 price tag, I swooped up the giant lamp & immediately ran to the cashier.  Sometimes I feel as though I am stealing these things!!!  Knowing that I had something good, I did some research…
Our lamp is a Royal Haegar Pottery Lamp & most likely a mid century piece.  I found an almost identical option, with the same dimensions, on eBay going for $149! 

Score!!!  Plus, my husband liked it because it required zero DIY work.  Except for replacing this nasty light bulb… The color output from this thing was horrendous!!!
Ginger Jars are a classic shape that in lamp or jar form can go with almost any interior depending on the finish.  Here are a few other examples of Ginger Jar Lamps at work.
ginger jar lamp