Normally with Get This Look I take inspiration from an existing room.  This time around I got inspired by this oh so summery outfit.  After getting a taste of 80 degree weather yesterday, I need some summer in my life!  Here is the inspiration outfit.
Cute! Can't wait for Summer!
{ Image via Polyvore }

Love it.  I mean I LOVE this look! This has always been a favorite color combination of mine.  
So here is my interpretation of this outfit into a dining room:

I am ready to move in!  I don’t think my hubs would go for the coral though…  
Here is the breakdown of sources:
I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I will be working, working, working on some client projects & then headed off to Chicago next week!  Posts might be some inspiration images over the next week, but honestly, who doesn’t like a pretty picture?
I do have some openings available for either Online Design Clients or Local if you are in the Atlanta area.  Contact me at if you are interested.