I am finally starting to feel human after a nasty cold & had an itch to start a project.  While no progress has been made on our Hutch, I have been hunting the house for things to display when it is built.  I vaguely remembered a hidden gem in our crawl space… 
Yep… a Vintage American Family Scale.  
After researching them online, it is probably around 100 years old & pretty readily available on Etsy or eBay.  So I will preface the rest of this post by saying “THIS IS NOT SOMETHING WE ARE LOOKING TO PROFIT FROM!”  It’s not like we have some rare antique worth thousands of dollars.  They average about $25.  Growing up with a father who collected antiques (lots of antiques) I know when to pay the money to have something restored.  This was not one of those situations.  It honestly looks better in the picture.  The last paint job was not the original, it was haphazardly brushed on.  It was even covering parts of the chrome.  It was more minty than the teal showing up in the picture.  I can appreciate the chippy, shabby chic look, but that is just not our style.  So I decided to paint it.  
{ Image }
I carefully took the scale apart.  All I needed was a small flat head screwdriver & a little muscle.
I took some steel wool to the body of the scale as well as the chrome face ring.  The steel wool was gentle enough to not damage any of the pieces but it did clean them right up.  The chrome face ring looks like new now!  Since the scale was not perfectly smooth I decided to use one of Rustoleum’s Hammered Finishes.  This finish allowed for great coverage & camouflage for the chippy parts that didn’t go away with the steel wool.
After it had dried I simply put all the parts back together.  We are considering getting a piece of glass cut to cover the face, but that can come in time.  It has become an addition to our new desk already.  I can’t wait to see how it looks against what I have planned for the hutch!!!
Plus, it’s functional!  Besides the fact that after all these years it is still a perfectly calibrated scale, it now acts as a vessel for my colored pencils.  Yes, I have a job that allows me to color.  Jealous?
Again, I’m sorry if my spray painting a one hundred year old antique has you all flustered.  Just remember this fact:  it’s mine, it’s not yours & I LOVE IT!  That is what matters in the end, right?
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