While I would love to be posting about the Party Bead Chandelier, we ran into a snag on the install & it’s going to take a bit of rewiring thanks to our 60 year old home. Let’s just say the hubs is not looking forward to Sunday this week. { I Love You! }So, on to the next project: A Gallery Wall for the little’s room.
A lot of people seem to be intimidated by Gallery Wall/Art Installations. I get it. How do you group the right pieces? What is the “right” arrangement? Do all my frames have to match? & come on… all of those holes. Like anything else, if you put in a little time up front a gallery wall can be a pretty fun project.
First Step:
What kind of Gallery Wall are you looking for?
Over scaled & Dramatic: This look becomes the feature wall in a room. Using the large scaled pieces allows each piece to have its own moment.
Pinned Image
{ Image via That Funky Boutique – Etsy Shop for those Ruffled Pillows }

Following a Grid: This is the easiest form of gallery installations. No matter the size, simply start with all like frames & maintain an equal grid when hanging. When following a grid, I find it best that all your images are similiar, meaning all decorative papers, botanicals, or even all photography.
{ Image via Sarah Richardson }
On the Ledge: This is a perfect solution for anyone who A.) Has a constant rotation of items they’d like to display, or B.) Nail Phobics… All this requires is slim art ledges hung on your wall with your art leaning on them. This look works for all collections even an eclectic grouping.

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{ Image via Pinterest }

Haphazard: I admire this method & personally I think this is the most difficult to accomplish for a symmetrical freak like myself. This look can again be accomplished using any images. Mixed frames, mixed media, mixed styles.
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{ Image via Natty by Design }

Second Step:
Collecting your Art & Frames. This can be as easy as rummaging through the attic. Remember, that artwork does not have to stay in the frame it came in. Feel free to switch out images to obtain the look you want in the end. Also, keep in mind frames can easily be transformed with a simple coat of spray paint. A really traditional frame instantly becomes modern with a coat of glossy black or white. Just sayin’.
If you are starting from scratch, hit up thrift stores or home discount stores like Homegoods if you want a variety in styles. These are also great sources for coffee table books. If you find a book with images you like, cut them out & frame them. They will probably be seen much more on the wall than they ever would have on a table or shelf. I also did a post a while back on Free Art (Free + the cost of printing).
Third Step:
Lay it out. Measure your space on the floor first & play around with your pattern there. Remember Think First. Nail Later. Once you have the arrangement you want, create templates with paper.
{ Image via Ruby reDesign }
At this step I also like to mark where the hanger is on each frame. This way when you are taped on the wall, all you have to do is nail into the paper, tear it off the wall & hang your art. Perfect every time.
A gallery wall does take some effort up front. But what else in life comes easy? I will be taking my own advice when installing Chloe’s Gallery Wall today. Can’t wait to share the final product!
Cheers- K