The Party Bead Chandelier is UP!!!! & looking pretty good if I do say so myself.  This sweet fixture is a great addition to our daughter’s room.  Big “Thanks” to the hubs for dealing with our 60 year old home & a frustrating install due to the wiring, not the fixture.  If you missed how this all started, be sure to read Beaded Chandelier: Part 1…(the hard part).  This chandelier has come a long way from it’s beginnings as a wire flower basket & party bead necklaces!  Here is the process I took to glamorize this chandy!

The original beads started looking more like this:
Bright green & on sale! To transform them, I first primed them with a white spray primer.  Hindsight being what it is… I would have painted all of these components (including the wire basket) before I made the chandelier.  It was quite the process to get every bead covered once all attached.  After the primer had dried I used a small foam paint brush to add the Robin’s Egg color.  It was an enamel paint I had left over from her dresser.  I tried to find a spray paint to match… but to no avail.  Hand painting went much smoother than I thought it would.
Once the painting was complete I went on the hunt for the perfect accent beads.  It has been a while since I went bead shopping & those things are expensive!  I could have bought a new chandelier at that price!  So I let go of that idea & got creative.  I ended up buying a bag of Lilac Glass Vase Filler for $1.49.
A little hot glue & 30 minutes later, the chandelier was complete. 
We added a decorative ceiling medallion during the install to make it even more special.
The best critique was when I went to get Chloe out of bed this morning, I turned on the light & she said “Oooohh!”  
Yep.  That made it all worth it!  Just wish the hubs would have been here to hear it too!
UPDATE: We ended up moving the little Chandy into her new Canopy Bed.  It serves as a great little night light for bed time stories.  For more on the Canopy Bed click here.

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