Chloe’s big girl room is officially underway.  One project at a time.  Project 1… a Beaded Chandelier. 
The fixture currently hanging in her room was originally intended for the hallway.  I compromised & put the fixture in her room & left the cheapo boob light in the hallway (yes, I said boob light.  Look up at a builder grade flushmount light…what do you see?).  Eighteen months later I can’t stand it anymore.  After searching for a fun DIY fixture I landed on this one.  AH-MAZING!
{ Image from Kiki’s List… This little girl’s room is amazing }

Now this one was created with 4000 handpainted beads… Oh how I wish I could call Simply Salvage to make one for me!  Unfortunately, our budget would not allow this.  So I referred to Gus & Lula’s tutorial for their beaded chandelier & tweaked it to fit my own needs.  Here was my process.
What I Used:

  • Wire Hanging Flower Basket 
  • Metal Hoop for the Top (I used the top of an old Ikea pendant, you could use the top of an old lampshade as well)
  • Hanging Pendant Light Kit 
  • Ceiling Canopy
  • Picture Hanging Wire
  • Mardi Gras Beads 
  • Hot Glue
  • Fishing Line
Unexpectedly, I had everything for this project except for the beads!  I plan on painting the fixture so I bought bright green beads because they were on sale for St. Patrick’s Day.  A little early, but I will take the deal!
The first step is to cut all of your necklaces into long strands.  I had a genius way of doing this.  Feel free to call it the Kristin Method.  Place your arm through a grocery bag with the necklaces hanging into the interior.  Cut the strands in groups.  They all land in the bag & I was done cutting 120 strands in about 4 minutes.
Once all of the strands were cut, I began hot gluing the strands onto the wire frame of the hanging planter.  My planter had spokes that were roughly 3/4″ thick.  I decided that by covering the exterior with secure beads it would provide a bit more structure for our pendant.

I started gluing the strands at the center of the frame and letting the long strands hang over the edge.  These will be attached to the top later.

Once the entire frame was covered, I flipped it over & began attaching the loose interior strands.  Again working from the center out.  Leaving the strands hanging over the edge.  I attached all of the strands with hot glue at the bottom & around the perimeter.  Just be sure you follow the curve of the frame with your loose beads.  Keep gluing…

After 120 strands, the exact number of necklaces I started with, I was done with the bottom.  At this point I hooked up my light kit, canopy, top ring & attached that component to the hanging basket using picture hanging wire.  Measure out each strand to the height you want to ensure your final product will be level. 
I suspended the fixture from a doorway using s hooks & ribbon I had lying around.  This allowed gravity to assist from here on out.  Now comes the tedious part.  Trim each necklace to the length needed to just reach the top ring.  Tie each strand to the top ring with fishing line.  
Keep tying until you have this…
All of that fishing line will be covered in the end.  
Step back & admire.  
I am really happy with the structure of the bottom of the fixture.
This is the end of Part 1 (the hard part).
(Excuse the cord)
The next part will involve spray painting, adding contrast decorative beads & the install!

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& how we got to this…

Cheers- K
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