Well, we booked early to get to see the BEST Santa in town (in my opinion) at B. Braithwaite, had the cutest outfit, had a happy baby in line saying “HI HANTA!!!”  We had been reading about Santa in books, waving to him at the mall & then we had this…

& this…

Best laid plans right?!? The more I look at these, the more I LAUGH!  Yes, of course, I wanted the perfect smile… but in the long run these are the memories we will remember.  
We are just continuing the time honored tradition of scaring the you know what out of our kids!  Here are some other “Bad” Santa pics.
At least our Santa didn’t look this scared!
funny santa claus picture - knocked up santa
{ Image via NUPXL }
Dear Satan…. I mean SANTA!!!

{ Image via The Inquisitir }
What did the parents really expect with this one?
{ Image via TopTenz }

{ Image via Curious Photos }

This timeless tradition continues…
{ Image via Curious Photos }

Another vintage shot.  Nice beard right?!?
{ Image via SodaHead }
I’d be scared too!
{ Image via Chopski’s Blog }

Honey I Shrunk the Santa!
{ Image via AVMAniacs }
I’m not taking my eyes off of you old man.
{ Image via CNN }
I hope these made you laugh as much as I did!
Cheers- K