Have you ever walked into a Department Store or Boutique & said… “I wish I could make my Christmas Tree look like that!” Well here are some tips from an insider… ME!  
Growing up, my parents owned a gift shop.  A gift shop that was very well known for their Christmas decorations.  Luckily, this provided me lots of practice each year.  There were always numerous trees, garland, wreaths to adorn with all the merchandise & all the merchandise was at our disposal.  That is the first thing to realize about these trees… The stores have all the ornaments they need to pack these trees full of ornaments.  Making them feel so special.  So if you don’t own a store, here are a few tips to making your tree Department Store ready…
Pick a Color Scheme/Theme:
Most stores typically group trees by color or theme.  I tend to use the traditional Golds, Silvers & Whites each year & embellish with trendy colors.  And apparently THE color of 2011 is Chartreuse (Lime Green)… Just so you know.  Just like a room.  Keep the basics neutral & they will last you forever!  Go with your playful pink or standard red.  Remember there is no right or wrong if you love it.

Lighting the Tree:
There are real tree people & fake tree people.  I’m a fake tree person myself.  Don’t  hold that against me!  I know you real tree people are very passionate!!!  Growing up, we almost always had a fake tree… The main reason I LOVE fake trees are the fact that they are prelit.  They are packed with lights that go deep into each branch.  This is key in making your “Pro” Christmas Tree.  If you are lighting your own tree, take the time to take the lights into the tree not just around it. { I tried a mirror trick going around Pinterest… if you know what I’m talking about, don’t try it.  It didn’t work. }
Pack them in:
The best way to make your special ornaments stand out are to give them a backdrop.  PACK the interior of your tree with basic round ball ornaments in 1-2 colors with varying sizes.  These “Filler” ornaments make the tree feel full.  Luckily, these ornaments can be pretty inexpensive & are readily available at basically any store.  Different textures and finishes also help in these filler ornaments.  Glitter, Shiny, Matte, Pearlized all in the same colors will all catch the lights differently.  This will give your tree a layered look without making it look cluttered.
Wrap it up:
The BEST ribbon to use for decorating trees is Wired Ribbon.  You can get this type of ribbon anywhere decorations are sold.  This ribbon contains 2 thin strands of wire that run the length of the bolt.  This allows the ribbon to keep it’s shape when on the tree.  There is nothing sadder than droopy ribbon on a tree…  You can use the ribbon as streamers to wrap around the tree, cascade down the tree or create bows.  There are many  bow tutorials on the blogosphere, but I have come up with an idea this year that worked BRILLIANTLY (if I do say so myself!).  If you want the perfect bow tree topper, this is the way to do it.  Plus it will store better now 🙂
You will need wooden skewers, ribbon & clear tape.  Create individual loops onto each skewer & attach with the tape.  Create varying sizes & for a more interesting look mix up your ribbons too…

After you have quite a few loops, simply insert them into the top of the tree at varying angles & you have a perfect bow!
Incorporating a few of these tips into your tree & you’ll be a Pro too!

// Thanks for stopping by!  This tree topper was from years ago, if you’d like to see this year’s tree be sure to click here! //

Cheers- K