Growing up, our Christmas ornaments were always Mercury Glass, delicate, fragile… & now I have a toddler.  Hello SHATTERPROOF Plastic!  I know she will be getting into the tree this year.  It’s inevitable.  Rather than going out & buying all new ornaments I decided to DIY some of our old shatterproof filler balls to make them a little more glamorous & a little less breakable than our glass options.

Statement Ornaments:

I adore all of the Statement jewelry available these days.  Big, chunky rhinestones.  Over the top cocktail rings… I got inspired.  I had a few necklaces & a pair of flip flops that were once bedazzled… after losing a rhinestone or 2, they weren’t so cute.  So I saved the jewels & got to gluing.  I went for a random pattern making them feel more like jewelry.  I also added an old brooch & switched out a few stones to add in the green color.  These ornaments cost me nothing!  Except a little digging through my closet for things that otherwise would have been trashed.  
Who needs Icicles?

Again, I went on the hunt for random baubles around the house.  I found an old maternity shirt that had a row of these chunky glass stones along the top.  I cut them off the shirt & inserted a thin gold beading wire.  I wrapped the wire haphazardly around the stone.  I attached the wire to an old gold chain.  The chain was from one of the necklaces I disassembled for the Statement Ornaments that I cut into smaller segments.
Read “Ball” About It:
For our over-sized ornaments (6″ diameter) I cut up an old book.  Yes, I murdered a book… But in my opinion it wasn’t a literary masterpiece.  I attached the strips to the plastic ball with a half & half mixture of White School Glue & water.  Just layer & layer until it is covered.  Hang them on a hanger to dry overnight.  If desired add some glitter for some extra sparkle while they are wet.
My little DIY assistant.
Dipped Ornaments:
All that you need for these is some White School Glue & some glitter.  Simply dip the ornament in glue.  Let the excess drip off & cover in glitter!  Couldn’t be any easier…
I also found this idea on Pinterest this year… This is a great way to hang your DIY ornaments to dry!  & don’t be afraid to spray paint your ornaments!  If you are looking for a new color scheme without the investment of all new ornaments… Go for the PAINT!  There are so many new options on the market these days.  Mercury Glass Spray Paint, really convincing Metallics & even Glitter Spray Paint!  
{ Image via Dream Home DIY }
Get the kids involved as well.  Tis the season to get Crafty!
Cheers- K
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