Inspired by the projects I have been creating for the restaurant, I felt a tad under decorated around the house!  Not wanting to spend a lot on Halloween decorations… I went on the hunt.

Basic black linen napkins tied into a knot = BAT

Murderer Place Cards… Simply cut letters out of magazines & glue down.
Making sure not to leave any fingerprints. Obviously.
Bleeding Candles… Using a lighter, I melted red crayons over basic white candles.

Mummy Heads… Only project $ was spent on.  Here is the how to:
Materials Needed:
  • Styrofoam Head Forms (got these at a local beauty supply store for $3 each)
  • Strips of fabric (I used an old sheet & some drop cloth I had left over)
  • White School Glue & Water (50/50 Mixture)
  • Brewed coffee or tea
  • Foam Brush
Place strips of fabric into glue/water mixture & let sit while you work.  Pull out a single strip & start mummifying!  You really can’t go wrong.  If you feel like you’ve messed up, simply cover with another strip.  After the head is wrapped, brush areas of the dressing with the coffee or tea using the foam brush to add an aged look.  Allow to dry on a towel over a garbage bag (they tend to pool all the absorbed liquid if just on the garbage bag.)
I’ll update later this week with the menu we’ll be serving up at this spooky table!
Cheers- K

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