I am always trying to change my house. It is a never ending project that continues to evolve as our needs (or my wants) change.  It’s too small, it’s too old, it’s too… the list will continue to grow, but as I look around my house I can see the little things that remind me why I was drawn to this house.

Our home was built in 1962, in a neighborhood built to accommodate employees & military personnel for a nearby Air Reserve Base.  All of the houses have basically the same foot print.  And even though it has been 49 years, the majority of the houses are still very similar.  So what makes my home different from the rest?  The details…

The great thing about an older house are the details.  These particular details were not all original, but add character and charm and appear that they could have been.

All of our original solid wood doors were given some extra character by adding vintage doorknobs.  Keeping the black hardware throughout the house has become a constant.
These are the original hinges on all of our doors.  So much more interesting then the ones found today.  Unfortunately, the majority have been painted over with multiple coats of paint over the years.  My goal is to take them all back to this!

Since we are fortunate enough to have original hardwoods throughout.  It pained me to look down & see a generic registers.  This simple upgrade can be made in any home.  Switching out these covers is something that is unexpected & provides a big impact. 

I am so thankful to the previous owner that renovated this bathroom.  Going classic with subway tiles will never go out of style.  My biggest piece of advice for any project is to go classic on the big items!  You can always add trendy accessories to layer on top.  This bathroom has all the modern amenities but the tile looks as if it could have been original.

I will always be changing this home, or any home we live in for that matter.  It is in my blood… but do take time to appreciate the little things.

***I’ve added an updated installation picture of the headboard on the tutorial page!  Be sure to check it out.***

Cheers- K