{ Kelly Wearstler }
A few years back I created a wall installation of hanging plates, a la Kelly Wearstler, at a local restaurant.  They have decided to update, so we just received a giant box of about 60 pieces of china!  I knew immediately I wanted to put some of these up in the dining room.  Here is how the process originally started 4 years ago…
Find Plates: 
Our plates started with an odd number set of china that I “saved” thinking it was my mother’s wedding set.  Long story short, it wasn’t!  Since there was no sentimental attachment to these plates anymore they started the collection.  To add some interest I took a trip to a few yard sales & TJ Maxx to buy a few more plates.  These, as well as Thrift Stores are PERFECT for wall hangings!  They usually have odd numbered, non matching sets.  My tip is to look for some plates of varying sizes with elements such as scalloped edging, ridges, varying patterns… the possibilities are endless.

Add Hardware:

If you are only hanging a few plates you could use the plate hanging hardware available at any hardware store.  Because our original install was 60 plates we needed something else… My favorite tool, Liquid Nails.
We added standard picture hangers with Liquid Nails.  It wasn’t pretty, but it has held for 4 years.  These things aren’t going anywhere!  Do be sure to let them sit for 24 hours before hanging them on the wall.  This will allow for the glue to set.
Start by taping out the area you have on your wall on the floor.  This will allow you to play with the hanging pattern on the floor before all the holes go in the wall.
You may want to take a picture of your desired pattern at this point.  This will act as a reference when installing.  I just left mine on the floor & picked up one at a time.
I used 20lb picture hangers I had on hand to put all of the plates up.  Overkill… maybe… but I had them!
(Nasty textured walls inherited from the previous owner.  Luckily they are only in this room!)
You can measure each one out.  I will say that would be the smart thing to do.  Honestly, I just eyeballed it.  Good thing is, the plates are round.  They can’t hang crooked!

One side DONE!  This was the easy part.  Getting the other side the exact same was a little more difficult! I did pull out the tape measure a few times on side 2.

I love how the plates have a reflective quality that help bounce light around the room.  Definitely adds to the ambiance of a formal dining room. 

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Cheers- K