Let me start off by saying this loud & clear “I HATE PAINTING!” If you are like me & can’t hire a painter here are some tips I have learned over the years to help you paint like a pro.
  • Take a nail & hammer a series of holes around the perimeter of the paint can lip.  This allows for the paint to drain back into the can as you pour it into your liner.  Saving Paint = Saving Money.
Images: http://www.pbjstories.blogspot.com/
  • Place a large rubberband around your paint can.  This will also allow you to keep more paint in the can & off the sides when using a brush to trim.
Image: Martha Stewart
  • Line your painter’s tray with foil.  No more cleaning your tray out & less expensive (& flimsy) than the cheap plastic ones.
Image: Martha Stewart
  • Use the top half of an old milk jug to pour paint into for a portable container.  No clean up at the end.
  • This final tip is my favorite.  After taping off your wall take a small artist’s brush and dip it in the paint.  Blot off a good amount & dry brush over the taped edge.  By the time you are done, this thin amount of paint will have created a barrier between any openings between the tape & the wall.  Trust me this works.  I used this technique to acheive my striped hallway.

Well, here I go again.  I’m about to go put my own tips to use.  Say goodbye spa blue & brown…YAY!!  A new bedroom is on its way.

Cheers- K