Transforming spaces inside your home can be expensive.  But this past week I made a $9.47 alteration to our dining room that changed the entire space.  As I have mentioned before, I am trying to bring more color into our house.  So why not DYE perfectly good silk drapery panels?!?  Now looking back I probably should have made my first maiden voyage into the realm of dyeing with a less expensive project, but what fun is that? 
The  color of choice was Rit Dye Golden Yellow.  I followed the washing machine directions, that I found on their website { }  They have a whole section on Dyeing Techniques for any size item.  For my drapery panels I needed two boxes of powder per panel.  I went with the powder because it didn’t require any measuring.  Since I was going to have to dye the panels seperately I felt more comfortable with the fact that both would recieve the same amount of color.  As I put the first panel in, I knew there was no going back now!
I waited for the cycle to end (yes I opened the washer lid a few times to fulfill my curiosity).  I pulled out the panel & took it outside.  It was Yellow!  Well, that worked… but upon further inspection, it was a little blotchy in places.  The directions say to air dry or to machine dry.  For some reason I decided to machine dry.  I am so glad that I did.  I’m not sure what magic happened in the air fluff cycle, but all the blotches were GONE! 
Wash, Rinse & Repeat with panel #2…
Pros:  The drapery panels took the color wonderfully! 
Cons: They lost a little luster & they did shrink.  Luckily I was able to hang them in a different pocket and now they just skim the floor.
Here is the before (Beautiful… But I had three pairs of these draperies.  The other two pairs are going into the bedroom redo)

I wanted to liven up the rather tired combo of blue & brown.  I already had yellow accents in some of our wedding photography hanging on the walls.
I am thrilled with the end result.  The addition of a few accent pillows in the rarely used arm chairs add some much needed pattern into the room.
The Pillows:
The larger pillow was actally made from our DwellStudio Iron Gates linen napkins (which I tried to find online & apparently DwellStudio is no longer doing table linens… Really!?).  Did you know that dinner napkins are the perfect size for throw pillows?  All you have to do is stich them together or take them to your dry cleaners & ask them to do this.  You’d be surprised how inexpensively they will do this for you.  Add an insert or some fiber fill & you have your very own custom pillow.
The Yellow was an etsy purchase from California Livin Home.  Great Quality & Quick Shipping.  I will definitely be returning to her store!

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Cheers- K