Mixing patterns in Interior Design or Fashion is not for the faint of heart.  If you don’t analyze your patterns you could end up with a hot mess.  Here are some tips on pairing that floral & stripe together.
Opposites… Choose two completely different prints like this Trellis { Imperial Trellis by Kelly Wearstler } and this Floral.  They are both large scale patterns but being so different, they don’t compete with one another.  *If your a Pattern Mixing Virgin, I suggest going this route first.  Two opposite patterns with similar colors.

{ via Pinterest… but I believe this is a room by Samantha Pynn }

Color…  Using a focused color palette allows you to be a little more daring with your choices.  Having the same colors be your common thread adds a level of sophistication without looking like you had one too many.  The example below also incorporates another important element.  The patterns they are mixing are different variations of each other.  Utilizing a similar motif, such as the paisleys, allows for a continuity between the patterns.

{ via Pinterest }

Using Patterns as a Neutral… This next image is loaded with pattern, but they all work.  Using the ideas from above they were able to accomplish this successful mix by adding in another layer.  The large scaled, tonal wallcovering becomes a neutral backdrop to the vibrant floral console.  Yes, they are both floral, but the scale of the two patterns are different.  The “Opposite” pattern being the striped floor coordinates by… you guessed it, COLOR!

{ via Pinterest }

I will be incorporating all of these into our bedroom redo.  The area rug is a large scale floral but being that it is tonal it becomes a backdrop.  Same for the large scaled trellis (headboard) it will add interest but not overwhelm the space.  The colorful floral { Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon in Alabaster } will be the vibrant pattern in the space complemented by the navy ikat dot.
Now get out there & start mixing!
Cheers- K